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Saturday, June 06, 2015

How our planets govern our lives?

Let us embrace this fact...let us leverage our strengths, compensate for the weaknesses

Our planetary positions at birth are uniquely our own, designating our specific personality, purpose in the cosmic scheme of things. They should be memorized, treasured, contemplated upon, or even celebrated. 

Celebrating your birthday(Sun sign) every year is of course most important, but what about your Moon and other planets -they too have their own "birthdays". The transiting Moon returns to your natal position once about every month, Mercury and Venus once roughly every year(always being close to the Sun), Mars once about every two years, Jupiter once about every twelve years, Saturn once about every thirty years, and Uranus once every eighty-four years. Even the Rising sign returns to your natal position once every day(based on the Earth's 24-hour rotation). 

It is not really necessary to throw a party on each of your transiting planetary returns. Just acknowledging them and contemplating on what they mean in your life is sufficient. And it does not even have to be at the specific time of their returns. Any day(or night) will do. Relax, put on some music, or dance or exercise while contemplating one or more of your placements. If you are into meditation, visualize the planet and sign(or house) and try to glean important or positive imformation from it. Nurture your identity or uniqueness via the knowledge of your planets and the signs they are in, especially the positive combinations. A planet in its own sign or element is very powerful and is usually expressed as a very positive characteristic or talent. Even the negative placements(planets in incompatible signs, elements, or genders) can be looked at or handled in a positive light. 

Then there are the planetary aspects by sign(and especially by degree). Focus on the trines(your gifts) rather than the squares(lessons to learn). Sun trine Mars, for example always gives confidence, energy, strength, and leadership ability, no matter what signs(or houses) they are located in. Sun trine Saturn is also positive but more difficult as the nature of both planets are not really compatible. Squares, especially those between friendly planets, can be seen as challenges or stepping stones rather than problems or obstacles. Grand trines(at least one planet in every sign of a particular element) are especially powerful and fortunate configurations, especially if they are in close or tight orb. Grand squares(planets in all four modes or quadruplicities), especially if tight by degree, can make or break you. 

Your specific planetary configuration or chart with all of its variations will not repeat itself in the same way for thousands of years, making you indeed a unique and special individual, and this is not taking into account gender, culture, or karmic history. Astrology basically deals with your inner or spiritual nature. Only if you are exact twins, will your inner and outer characteristics be identical, but even then the two souls will have different karmic histories or past lives, and therefore have slightly different futures as well. Planets do not dictate destiny, rather, they incline or suggest it. They give you a basic framework with which to work your free will, and without which we would all be very lost or uninclined. The One Great Spirit created astrology as a means to differentiate each of its infinite offspring in a simple, orderly, and beautiful cosmic manner, and it behooves us to applaud or celebrate this ingenious system.

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